H20 Go!

h20 Go

Many people forget about the world’s most valuable liquid and its countless benefits. The average person does not drink the suggested amount of water per day. According to Dr. Oz and The Institute of Medicine, women should be drinking a recommended 91 ounces a day whereas men should be drinking 125 ounces. These values reflect water consumption from both food and water, with an average of 25% of our water consumption coming from food. In an effort to increase incentive, courtesy of WebMD here are several advantages of drinking H2O:

1. Water helps maintain balanced body fluids
2. Water helps to control calories
3. Water energizes muscles
4. Water normalizes bowel functions
5. Water is good for the skin
6. Water helps the kidneys

It seems simple enough, and yet even we are guilty of forgetting to drink our eight glasses a day! So with that in mind, we thought we would offer a list of tips to help you get back on your hydration grind.

– Treat yourself to a new BPA-free water bottle that suits your fancy. Having a bottle you love will leave you eager to tote it anywhere and everywhere.

– Keep a glass of water on your bedside table. Try and drink a glass before bed, fill it up, and drink another first thing when you wake up.

– Make sure your glass is filled up with water before the start of each meal. Before you begin eating, try and finish a glass. Keep a pitcher nearby for constant refilling.

– Replace other beverages with water. No more soda, no more juice – just water, water, water! If you’re the type of person who can get bored of a “nothingness” taste, look to flavoured water for a little more fun.

– Substitute coffee (or for you caffeine fiends, your second or third coffee of the day) with tea! Hot water, cold water, it’s all the same liquid-y goodness.

– Compete with friends. Keep a communal log of your water intake and try to outdo one another – talk about healthy competition!

– Set daily personal goals and reward yourself for achieving them.

– If you’re feeling a craving coming on, down a glass of water or snack on some ice cubes instead. We promise, they’re just as crunchy as a bag of chips!

Using these tips and tricks, hopefully we can all work towards a happier hydrated lifestyle.

From our taps to yours, cheers!


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