Bump and Grind (and Bite!!!)


With this past weekend having been the first of the two-weekend Coachella Valley Music and Arts extravaganza, we can officially say that festival season has begun! It seems a most recent fad that summer music festivals have entered the scene, but hey, we aren’t complaining. With festivals like Coachella in Palm Springs, Osheaga in Montreal, Bonnaroo in Tennesse, The Governor’s Ball in NYC and even Glastonbury in England, you really could take a (pricey) trip around the world enjoying each one.

While the festivals are obviously built to revolve around music and have sparked notable fashion trends to fit the vibe (note: flowy fringe dresses, flower crowns, bright colors, prints and the perfect pair of sunglasses are a must), what cannot be disregarded is the food. Ah yes, the food. Nothing like a crowd of eager hipsters wanting that ideal food Instagram to seal the music festival deal. 

But really, more than the Instagram, it seems that music festivals are hosting a crop of food vendors featuring foods that are to die for, with prominent restaurants even jumping to join in the mix. At Coachella this year, the famed Sugarfish sushi will be making an appearance, as well as noted sandwich shops Num Pang and Mile End that will be at Governor’s Ball. So while you may be thinking the music is the focus, we suggest you consider the promising ten pound weight gain that will also follow. We know we will!

Here are some of the most trendy eats you will find across the board at the countless festivals:

Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwiches
With flavors as interesting as Whiskey and Lucky Charms, this snack is a delicious cool down treat that you might just stretch out your mouth trying to bite!

Korean BBQ
Just trust us when we say, do not eat too much of the beef and noodles.

Big Bite Fruit
While you may or may not be familiar, the hipster way to eat fruit at a festival is to take bites out of an entire half a watermelon. Makes for a great picture!

Craft beers and specialty cocktails with flavorful twists are the go-to drink to wash down all the other tasty bites. 

Mexican Street Food
But really, what could be better than scarfing down a couple tacos or nibbling on some decadently dressed corn?

Lobster Rolls
Never a disappointment, this is the perfect option for anyone looking for an easy fix.

Fancy Shmancy Grilled Cheese
In case you didn’t get the memo, grilled cheese is no longer as simple as bread and cheese. Oh no no no. Now, gourmet grillers are not only upping the cheese option (hello brie, goodbye cheddar), but the choices of vegetable and meat add-ons as well as saucy toppings are also of note.

Classics with a Twist
And, of course, if you’re wanting to stick to your roots, there are the standard fast-food items that can be plain or dressed up! From five story burgers to fries with endless toppings, deliciously greasy pizza, curious shake combinations, and piled on hot dogs, it is pretty hard to go wrong.


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