A Pure Love Affair


Like our friends at Pure Leaf Iced Tea, we believe in “Keepin’ it real.” We’re not fans of anything fake, so when it comes to choosing a brand of iced tea that matches our vibe, Pure Leaf knows what’s up. Brewed from freshly picked leaves, Pure Leaf is iced tea at its absolute finest. It contains no preservatives, no added color, and that’s right, no artificial flavoring. Available in single and multi-serve bottles, as well as lemon, raspberry and unsweetened flavors, this refreshing tea is perfect for any occasion, large or small. Not only can it be served in its purest form, but we have also found ways to incorporate Pure Leaf into some Bite Me summer staple cocktails and desserts.

What are you waiting for? Get biting (and sipping) here:

PURE LEAF Lemon Loaf Recipe

PURE LEAF Raspberry White Chocolate Cupcakes

PURE LEAF Lemon Pie Milkshake

PURE LEAF Raspberry Mojito Recipe


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