Month: August 2014

Buffalo Chicken Wings for all!


Happy National Buffalo Chicken Wings Day! To celebrate, here at Bite Me More HQ, we are eating sweet and salty honey-baked chicken wings! Mmmmm! Join the party with this delicious recipe!

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Caramel Baked French Toast



As if an oven-baked French Toast recipe, in all its golden puffed greatness wasn’t delicious enough, Chef Lisa went ahead and outdid herself by adding an easy homemade caramel sauce and sweet crumble topping. Not only is this decadent dish a guaranteed crowd pleaser, but it’s also great on the host, a stress-free dish that can be assembled a day in advance and baked off just before guests arrive.

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Labor Day Weekend is here!

On the official last weekend until reality hits (no more summer hours, weekends by the pool, or kids at camp), Bite Me More is grilling up a storm and throwing the ultimate barbecue bash! Include the classic chipotle burger , a watermelon arugula salad, a jalapeño margarita in your hand and the perfect barbecue playlist to complete your party.


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Loaded BBQ Chicken Nachos



Chips and cheese. Sounds pretty basic, right? Not when Chef Lisa gets her mitts on this classic combo. This easy recipe for BBQ Chicken Nachos, piled high with all the fixings (not to mention a great twist of subbing in BBQ sauce for salsa) are scrumptious. Get ready for love at first bite.

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The Best Combos for Fruit Infused Water

All we’re ever told is to drink more water. Water, water, water! Doctors have been telling us for years to drink 8 glasses a day to decrease fatigue, prevent dehydration (duh), improve mobility and to make us overall healthier people. This continues to be our daily struggle. Water is just so….boring! Don’t fret because us here at Bite Me More can do wonders with water…

Check out these fabulous infused waters to help you jazz it up:


Blackberry, Raspberry, Lemon and Mint:

Apple and Cinnamon:


Orange, Lemon and Lime:


Cucumber, Lime and Mint:


Strawberry, Lemon and Kiwi:



Frosted Snickers Blondies



These Frosted Snickers Blondies are the undeniable proof that Snickers really does satisfy. Chunks of the creamy caramel, fluffy nougat and crunchy peanut chocolate bars are folded in to our luscious Blondie recipe and topped with a Vanilla Snickers frosting. Really, what could possibly satisfy the sweet tooth more?

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