In honor of National Cupcake Day (wait…isn’t that every day?), here are our top 3 recipes to help you celebrate!

Pink Lemonade CupcakesWhen life gives you pink lemonade, make these incredible Pink Lemonade Cupcakes. Yes, we’ve amended the age-old adage and made life all-the-sweeter with these sweet and tart pink lemonade-flavored cupcakes and frosted. Not only are they so perfectly pretty but they’re also so easy to make. Trust us, everyone will be tickled pink when they get their hands (and mouths) on these delicious cupcakes.

Click here for the recipe


Chocolate Chip Cookie Monster CupcakesThese creative and awesome cupcakes look scary. Not because of the adorable monster, but because they look like they require you to be a pro baker. Fear not. Lisa knows her audience (read: amateur bakers like us) and has given step-by-step easy instructions for these cute Cookie Monster Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcakes. Moist chocolate chip cupcakes are filled with a marshmallow cookie center and topped with brilliant blue icing, edible eyes and a chocolate chip mouth, guaranteed to delight kids of every age. Trust us, these deliciously easy cupcakes are Sunny Days, all the way.

Click here for recipe


Homemade Funfetti CupcakesLooking for cupcakes with a huge FUN factor? You’ve found them with these Vanilla Funfetti Sprinkle Cupcakes, moist and flavorful (thanks, fresh vanilla beans!) sprinkle-studded cupcakes topped with creamy and smooth vanilla frosting and finished with homemade (and addictive) white chocolate Rice Krispie crunch. Oh, and did we mention that there are sprinkles everywhere?

Click here for recipe



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