1. Sleek n’ Chic

Designed by Jeremy and Adrian Wright for LEXON, this set of office tools is the perfect addition to add some colour to your workspace. Included in the collection is a calculator, stapler, hole punch, tape dispenser, lens, USB hub, and LCD calendar. The set encompasses elegant functionality and since a stylish desk is a happy desk, we know this is an office update worth investing in.



2. My, What Sharp Teeth You Have

Sometimes we need a little help from our friends, especially when fighting with stubborn staples. Get armed to the teeth with the pewter animal kingdom created by Jac Zagoory Designs, a pen and desk art company that brings beauty (and the beast) to everyday items.


3. Clock or block?

Hate the look of a standard alarm clock or clock sitting on your bedside table or desk? Replace it with this modern Cube Clock that resembles a wooden block paper weight – until you snap or tap your fingers, that is. The device is sound activated and can be turned on to reveal the time, date, and temperature. Shortly after, it will turn off and retreat back to it’s place as an earthy sculpture to sit peacefully atop your stack of magazines.


4. Put A Pin In It!

Forget throwing darts and punching pillows. The best way to relieve your frustration is with these Pino the Cork Voodoo Dolls. Not only are they pin cushions to exorcise your demons, but they’re also freestanding memo boards.


5. Get Poppin!

Do you find yourself searching high and low for scissors? Getting frazzled by your desk mess? Wishing you could start fresh? Now’s your chance, with the super stylish Poppin Starter Kit, a cool, clean and modern 7-piece set of office and back-to-school essentials.


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