1. Traditional Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls 

A pot of this traditional chicken soup beats a trip to the doctor, every time.


2. Sweet Noodle Pudding 

By revealing this sweet, raisin-loaded noodle pudding we’re breaking an unspoken code held by generations of Jewish women – you can kibitz about Auntie’s moustache, kvetch about cousin ’s wet kisses, but, under no circumstances should you be a yenta about your secret noodle pudding recipe. We’re taking a risk, but we think the public has
a right to know.

3. Bagel and Smoked Salmon Strata 

Hosting a brunch and don’t know what to serve? Why, bagels and smoked salmon, Bite Me Style, of course. This SUPER EASY Bagel & Smoked Salmon Strata serves up brunch in every bite – bagels, smoked salmon, dill, capers and sour cream – and is guaranteed to get rave reviews.

4. Bubbies Cherry Cake 

Lisa delivered big-time on this scrumptious Cherry Cake. Bubbies Anne, our late grandmother, was a dynamo, often cooking for her 23 grandchildren. The instant her Cherry Cake showed up, elbows flew and punches were thrown in efforts to get a piece of the cinnamon sugar-topped cake. A traditional Bubby, she fed us, remembered our birthdays and didn’t write down a single recipe. When she was gone, so was her Cherry Cake, or so we thought. Cousins, aunts and uncles…it’s time to rejoice because Lisa, with her bionic sense of taste, smell and gastronomical recall, has unlocked the secret and taken us back to the delectable days of Cherry Cake combat.

5. Blintz Souffle with Sweet Strawberry Sauce

The Eastern European cousin of the crepe, a blintz is a thin pastry wrapped around a filling. As much as we love them, we also love not spending all our time rolling, folding and frying each individual blintz. Instead, we’re doing blintzes freeform. We’ve transformed a 13×9-inch baking dish into one giant, creamy, sweet-cheese-filled blintz. All of the flavor and none of the labor, this puffy and golden soufflé is served topped with sweet strawberry sauce.


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