Top 10 Food Superstitions


Lisa is the queen of practicality. She sweeps up spilled salt, happily lives in house #13 and goes all Dr. Doolittle-y over black cats. Then, there’s Jane and myself. Between us, we don’t step on cracks, board airplanes right-foot-first and eat Lucky Charms cereal daily. Seems we’re not alone. Cats brought Napolean to his knees, Axl Rose won’t play in cities starting with the letter M (sorry Miami and Minsk), and FDR refused to eat at a table that had 13 people at it.

So, what can we do to keep the luck coming in the kitchen? We did some research and discovered some good (and not so good) food-related superstitions.


Keep the loaf face up because according to European superstition, an upside-down loaf of bread can bring bad luck. Also, do like the Romanians and eat the corners from the bread to create a good relationship with your mother-in-law…no corners left on our loaves.


Eating lettuce will get a young woman pregnant. That’s not what we were taught in health class, but whatever. No more salads for us.


Don’t pass hot peppers or knives to anyone. Instead, put them down on the counter and let the other person pick them up to avert disagreements and discord.


Eat lots of long noodles because in China, long noodles bring a long life. Cut them and you very well might meet your maker.


Never bring a bunch of bananas on a fisherman’s boat unless you want to walk the gangplank.


Don’t bring peanuts backstage in the theatre or to a NASCAR race. Actors and race car drivers get easily spooked by this supposedly bad-luck-legume.


If you get a double yolk, prepare yourself for twins. As well, if you’ve hard-boiled an egg, do like many Brits do and crush the empty shell (you’re letting the devil out!).


Totally obvious, but carrying a clove in your pocket will make you so stinky that even the Evil Eye won’t be cast your way.


If you love someone and want him/her to love you back, give them an orange. Yup, that’s it. An orange.


How there could be anything negative associated with cake astounds us, but, as superstition has it, if you tip over a slice of cake on a plate while serving it to a guest, it’s a sign of bad luck.

Off to eat some fortune cookies.


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