Bowled Over!


We love cereal. Perhaps an odd thing to hear from cookbook authors, but it’s our go-to meal, morning, noon and night. Why? After hours spent in the kitchen testing and tasting recipes, we can’t get ourselves psyched for anything else other than a bowl of simple cereal, time to study the back of the box and fight over the prize. Much like Jerry Seinfeld (life always come back to Seinfeld, doesn’t it?), we celebrate cereal.

That said, you can imagine our surprise and amazement at discovering the work of a fellow cereal devotee, an artist who has given new meaning to power breakfasts. Sarah Rosado, a New York City self-taught artist and photographer, has thought outside the box and immortalized famous faces using Corn Flakes. The likeness of these cereal celebs, everyone from John Lennon and Freddie Mercury to Madonna and Beyonce, are uncanny. Using a flake here and a crumb there, Sarah (aka the Kellogg’s Queen) has shown us once again why breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

PS. How lucky are we that Sarah created our very own logo along with a good-enough-to-eat (with milk, of course) burger?

og-inline-931637633 og-inline-249089009


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