Here at BMM, EVERY DAY is Dessert Day, however to celebrate this specific National Holiday, we are celebrating with our favorite show stopping treats and dessert trends! De-lish!


To survive as a foodie in this day and age, one must be a dedicated faddie. No, this does not refer to one’s weight, but rather to the need for food-goers to be on top of their trends. When it comes to crafty concoctions, the food industry is most definitely on their A-game. Inspired by Refinery 29’s post about our love-hate relationship with dessert trends, we have compiled a list of treats most in vogue for the summer months ahead. While some of these items involve limited accessibility (due to location), there are plenty of ways they can be homemade with the help of a pal named Google. Ready, set, indulge!

1. The Cronut
A Dominique Ansel original, this croissant-donut hybrid should be high on your list of things to try.

2. Milk and Cookie Shot
Perhaps the most recent creation by Dominique Ansel, this dessert features a hollowed out cookie shaped like a shot glass, filled to the brim with a refreshing sip of milk.

3. Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwiches
With new and unique ice cream flavours being churned out left, right, and centre, the only thing better than a cone to pair them with is a decadent cookie. Several shops now feature anything from red velvet to snickerdoodle cookies to bundle your hunk of icey dream inside.

4. Macarons
Does anything say “chic” better than a box of Macarons? Of course, there is the classic Laduree which never misses the mark, but don’t discount many local shops which are stepping up to the plate!

5. Bite-Sized Cupcakes
The staple shop in this category would have to be Baked by Melissa, but grab yourself a miniature-sized pan and these babies can be easily recreated to your liking.

6. Fro-Yo
This cold snack is all the rage and can be made to be as decadent or health-friendly as you like. With an array of toppings and flavours to choose from, endless combinations can be conceived throughout the summer months.

7. Paletas
For those who don’t know, Paleta’s are a Latin American ice pop often made from real fruit. Lately, though, some restaurants like Toronto’s La Carnita are taking bolder risks by forming the pops from ice cream and sugary toppings. Talk about yum on a stick!

8. Frozen, Chocolate Covered Fruit
With possibilities ranging from bananas to strawberries, start freezing your fruit to enjoy a healthy summer snack.

9. Doughnuts
Of course, there are the usual suspects like Krispy Kreme or Tim Horton’s, but many gourmet shops are now opting for spectacular twists on original flavours.

10. The Wonut
And in a final salute to the hybrid genre, the latest addition to the foodie scene is a waffe-donut combo making us believe that at this rate, anything is possible.



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