Month: November 2014

Turkey, Stuffing and Cranberry Sandwiches



Take a big bite this holiday season with this jaw-droppingly delicious Turkey, Stuffing & Cranberry Sandwich. Slices of juicy roast turkey breast are layered with homemade bread stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy. Finally, a sandwich you can be thankful for!

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Easy Baked Zucchini Chips



Did you ever think zucchini could lift you out of your potato rut? It can, and never more so than with these totally delicious oven-baked zucchini chips. Coated in a breadcrumb and parmesan crust, these easy zucchini chips trump boring spuds, every time.

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Black Friday Party

A fun and easy Black Friday party that won’t leave a hole in your wallet!
Black Friday Party

How to throw this party:

1) Cover the table in sale flyers to get everyone in the shopping spirit.

2) Have ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ playing on the TV.

3) Loot your kids toys for some extra decorating ideas, such as toy cash registers and Monopoly money.

4) We coated brightly colored mini plastic shopping carts in metallic silver spray paint.

5) Hit the dollar store for play money, receipt pads, placemats and boxes (for shopping carts).

6) Create an invitation to look like a credit card.

Baby on board!
Braving the crowds.
Receipt pads from the dollar store were used as place cards.
Best bargain in town.
No money down.
From dawn ’til dusk.

French Toast Day!


Ah Bonjour…..oui oui oui! Ooh La la! It’s National French Toast Day! They say breakfast is the most important meal so what better way to start your day off than with a delicious piece of French Toast….

Here are our favourite French Toast recipes (soufflés too) for you to devour

Caramel Baked French Toast

French Toast Soufflé with Candied Rice Krispies

Overnight Strawberry French Toast

Strawberry Stuffed French Toast Soufflé


The Top 5 Ways to Liven Up Thanksgiving


Love your Thanksgiving traditions but feeling a bit of turkey tedium? Here are 5 ways you can liven things up (It’s a Turkeypalooza!) and leave everyone feeling grateful.

There’s only so much fun you can have with pumpkins and potatoes. Consider adding some creative décor ideas such as dollar store turkey basters as place cards and swags of Bounty chocolate bars hung across doorways.

How about getting in the spirit with a round of Thanksgiving Trivia between courses and watch as aunts and uncles duke it out over the prize, a bottle of Wild Turkey.

A super sweet idea for the kids is to set up a Caramel Apple Station for dessert. With toppings such as sprinkles, candy and mini marshmallows, you can’t go wrong.

Wrap your table in muslin and provide guests with fabric markers and the chance to write/draw what they’re grateful for. Keep adding to this special cloth year after year.

Sounds impossible, right? Not so. Put out a buffet of foods that can be prepared in advance and make it even easier for little kids by putting together mini turkey and stuffing sandwiches slathered in homemade cranberry sauce



Time to unbutton your pants, because Thanksgiving is here. Can we turn the scale back 10 pounds?

We know how incredibly overwhelming hosting a Fabulous Thanksgiving feast can be, so we’ve made your life easier:

Check out our Great American Thanksgiving Party on how to host your own bash, complete with some Thanksgiving tunes, and of course one heck of a menu that will be sure to make everyone thankful.

Roasted Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup with Cinnamon Sugar Croutons

Cranberry Martini

The quickest and easiest Roast Turkey

Perfect Pecan Pie


Bruce! Bruce! Bruce!


Here at BMM, We love the movie, Matilda. Not because of the beautiful story (although grab the kleenex), but because of the scene with Bruce and his cake….mmmmm cake.

Chocolate, Vanilla, you name it, we love it all. In honor of this most amazing holiday, we have our top cakes for you and your friends to enjoy:

Decadent Chocolate Rice Krispie Crunch Cake

Extreme Lemonade Layer Cake

Layered Toffee Crunch Cake

You can have your cake, and eat it too!

Easy Mango and Coconut Chicken Curry



Looking for curry-in-a-hurry? Look no further than this easy, aromatic, sweet and spicy Mango and Coconut Chicken Curry recipe. One bite of this Indian-inspired curry of sweet mango, creamy coconut milk and kickin’ spices and you’ll be transported straight to the Taj Mahal.

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Crunchy Dill Crusted Salmon

Meatless Monday


Being rhythmically challenged (Lisa does the cadaver dance while I’m prone to whip out the Elaine Benes “little kicks”), we shudder at anything involving the phrase “two-step.” That is, until now. Elegant and easy, this two-step crusted salmon, the ideal pairing of fish and dill, makes it effortless to keep perfect tempo.

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The Best Beef Chili Recipe



This Blazing Beef and Bean Chili is hot stuff. A dynamite mix of chili powder, red pepper flakes and cayenne, mingled with intense cocoa powder, sweet tomatoes, fiber-rich beans and well-seasoned meat, it can rival any Lone Star chili joint. In a big bowl or piled atop a hot dog or fries, this one is a Chilympic winner.

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