Vietnamese Vegetable and Tofu Pho Soup



Before this recipe, I suffered from pho phobia. Not only did I say it wrong (it’s pronounced “fah,” not “foe”), but I also couldn’t fathom how we’d bring Vietnam’s national dish into our kitchens, how we’d do justice to this incredibly aromatic, flavorful and restorative treasure. Well, good thing I’ve got the Pho Queen (better than being the “Pho King”… say it fast and you’ll know what I mean) on my side. After much research, spooning and slurping, Lisa has done it, with vegetables, tofu and rice noodles, all in an ambrosial broth infused with garlic, ginger, coriander, cinnamon and anise. Nothing to fear here – this easy-to-make soup is pho-freakin’-nominal.

Click here for the recipe



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