Christmas Party Ideas!

Christmas is just around the corner! Here are our favorite ways to make your Christmas table look spectacular!

A Snowy Christmas Party:

Throw an easy, creative, chic and affordable White Christmas.


How to throw this party:

1) A festive way to dress up the table is to use wrapping paper as a runner.

2) We bought dollar store acrylic reindeers that we dressed up with furry white ribbon they were set up to pull a wooden sleigh full of shiny wrapped boxes.

3) Each guest had their own snow globe – placed beneath upside down dollar store glass bowls were mini trees, mirrored reindeers and some imitation snow.

4) Have ‘Elf,’ ‘Scrooged,’ or ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ playing on the TV.

Click here for more details!


A Candy Cane Christmas Party:

Fun and festive, this easy and inexpensive (we hit the dollar store big time) Candy Cane Christmas Party will have you welcoming the hectic holidays!


How to throw this party:

1) To get in the candy cane spirit, we created a red and white runner out of wrapping paper.

2) The dollar store was instrumental in this party – we stocked up on red and white bows, ornaments, candy, reindeer, paper lanterns and gems.

3) The Santa Beards on Sticks (at each place standing up in the mugs) from Paper Source are a special addition to the party and a great idea for fun photo ops.

4) Have “Elf,” “Scrooged” or “A Christmas Story” playing on the TV.

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Winter Wonderland Party:

Get the fire roaring and host this frosty, fun and easy (and indoors!) Winter Wonderland party, a celebration of all things ice-kissed!


How to throw this party:=

1) The amazing tree-trunk white vases are from Loblaw banner stores, including Real Canadian Superstores.

2) At the dollar store, we stocked up on snowflakes, foam balls, a thermometer and pinecones.

3) We crisscrossed the table with icy blue wrapping paper.

4) Add cotton to the table as snow, add any hats, gloves and mittens you might have around the house and of course, any sort of winter gear such as goggles, skis and snowshoes.

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A Great Gift Wrapping Party:

With the holidays around the corner, there’s no time like the present to host your own Gift Wrapping Theme Party. Not only can your guests indulge in holiday cheer, but at the same time, they can start a most tiring task surrounded by friends and fun.


How to throw this party:

1) The obvious and easiest thing to do to set the tone is to wrap the table like a present.

2) The dollar store was amazing for this party: rolls of colorful wrapping paper, bows, tape, scissors, tissue and shopping bags.

3) Don’t hesitate to dig in to your own wrapping supplies to decorate – this table is all about vivid colors and celebrating the season.

4) Award prizes for best wrapped corners and to the guest who can wrap a present without tape!

Click here for more details


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