Easy Recipes

National Tempura Day!

Since it’s National Tempura Day, but also a start to a new year (with resolutions still in tact…hopefully), we are celebrating by baking and not frying, with our favorite Panko Crusted Recipes!


Crunchy Baked Zucchini Fries with Caramelized Onion Dip

Parmesan Chicken Fingers with Dipping Trio

Crunchy Dill Crusted Salmon


National Bean Day!


You know what they say…Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart….

With that in mind, we have our favorite Bean Recipes for you to enjoy today. Don’t forget to rinse them first!


1) Sort through the beans to remove any stones or debris.

2) With the beans in a colander, rinse them well with cold water, running your fingers through to reveal any more bits of dirt.

3) Transfer the beans to a large bowl filled with enough cold water to cover them by 2 inches. In hot weather, prevent the beans from fermenting by refrigerating while they soak.

4) Soak for 4-24 hours, until the beans have swelled to double their size.

5) Before cooking, drain the soaked beans and rinse once more before cooking the beans in fresh water.


1) Rinse and pick over your beans for stones or debris.

2) Place beans in a pot and cover with 2-inches of water. Over high heat, bring to a boil, boil for 1 minute, remove from heat, cover pot and let sit for 1 hour.


Bean and Chicken Tostada Cups

Creamy White Bean Spread with Asiago Crackers

Seven Bean Salad

White Bean, Spinach and Couscous Soup


Spaghetti Day!

Happy National Spaghetti Day! We are celebrating with a twist on the classic Spaghetti and Meatballs…..making it a bit spicier!


How do you turn tender meatballs into great balls of fire? Simple…just stop, drop and roll. As in, stop what you’re doing, drop the grocery bags and start rolling out these marvellous homemade meatballs. Paired with this robust and spicy spaghetti sauce, this easy dinner is going to get everyone fired up!

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Easy Baked Zucchini Chips



Did you ever think zucchini could lift you out of your potato rut? It can, and never more so than with these totally delicious oven-baked zucchini chips. Coated in a breadcrumb and parmesan crust, these easy zucchini chips trump boring spuds, every time.

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Easy Mango and Coconut Chicken Curry



Looking for curry-in-a-hurry? Look no further than this easy, aromatic, sweet and spicy Mango and Coconut Chicken Curry recipe. One bite of this Indian-inspired curry of sweet mango, creamy coconut milk and kickin’ spices and you’ll be transported straight to the Taj Mahal.

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Vietnamese Vegetable and Tofu Pho Soup



Before this recipe, I suffered from pho phobia. Not only did I say it wrong (it’s pronounced “fah,” not “foe”), but I also couldn’t fathom how we’d bring Vietnam’s national dish into our kitchens, how we’d do justice to this incredibly aromatic, flavorful and restorative treasure. Well, good thing I’ve got the Pho Queen (better than being the “Pho King”… say it fast and you’ll know what I mean) on my side. After much research, spooning and slurping, Lisa has done it, with vegetables, tofu and rice noodles, all in an ambrosial broth infused with garlic, ginger, coriander, cinnamon and anise. Nothing to fear here – this easy-to-make soup is pho-freakin’-nominal.

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Simple Spinach and Parmesan Risotto

Meatless Monday


Think risotto’s just for restaurants? Nope. Here we show you (there’s a video!) how easy it is to whip up this dreamy dish! Creamy (yet creamless) and utterly satisfying, you can’t go wrong with making this Italian delight – all you have to do is stir. Yes, stir a few times and you end up with tender rice and nutrient-rich spinach blended with white wine and Parmesan.

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Chinese Chicken Salad



Chinese chicken salad wasn’t the glorious creation of a steamed-out Shanghai kitchen – it came from big box, suburban restaurant chains that keep you waiting hours to eat their gooey food. That doesn ’t mean we don’t like them but let’s just say this, our homemade healthful rendition – a towering salad topped with peanuty chicken, crunchy baked noodles and golden almonds tossed in a sweet hoisin dressing – beats a trip to the mall any day.

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Primo Fish Tacos with Chipotle Lime Dressing



How can you hold a whole meal in your hand? Simple, with these Primo Fish Tacos. Not only is tender cod marinated in spice and zesty lime, but it’s also baked to juicy perfection and folded in a tender tortilla with a spicy chipotle lime dressing and crunchy cabbage.

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