Just because it’s cocoa day and we’re covered in snow, we have our Top 5 HOT cocoa recipes for you to enjoy! Mmmmm!



Hold on to your hat because this Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, the perfect mix of sweet and salty, is going to blow you away! Get the full recipe here.


Looking to beat the cold? Warm up with a mug of this sweet, cinnamon-spiced hot chocolate, a creamy blend of cocoa, cinnamon and vanilla. Get the full recipe here.


Every day can be your birthday with this makes-wishes-come-true Birthday Cake Hot Chocolate. Get the full recipe here.


Offering up the best of both worlds (chocolate and coffee, sweet and spicy), this hot chocolate is our fave pick me up! Get the full recipe here.


What do you get pumpkins and chocolate merge? The most comforting hot chocolate this side of the pumpkin patch! Get the full recipe here.

In case these five recipes weren’t enough, here are three more…

1. Nutella Hot Chocolate Recipe

2. 3 Musketeers Hot Chocolate Recipe

3. Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate Recipe


Citrus and Herb Roasted Chicken



There’s a reason roasting a whole chicken is super popular – it’s a technique that requires minimal effort and skill in the kitchen yet yields impressive and tasty results. This moist masterpiece is no exception. Rubbed with herbs and citrus zest, the chicken is stuffed with flavor infusing onions, garlic, lemon and orange and then baked to a golden crisp. Simple and foolproof, this classic, taste-of-home tender chicken is a welcome addition to any novice cook’s repertoire and a dependably delicious staple in any expert’s kitchen.

Click here for the recipe



When is a pie not a pie? When it’s little cakes, as in these delicious mini Boston Cream Pies. Like the classic dessert, moist vanilla cake is layered with a creamy pudding filling and topped with a smooth chocolate ganache. This terrific trio of textures and flavors combine to serve up Boston in every bite.

Click here for the recipe

Roasted Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup with Cinnamon Sugar Croutons

Meatless Monday


This incredible recipe for roasted butternut squash and sweet potato soup covers off our 3 S’s of soup: satisfying, scrumptious and simple. Not only does this delicious fall soup warm us from our nose to our toes, but it also brings with it an elegance (making it a perfect party soup recipe) and ease. Topped with crunchy cinnamon sugar croutons, every spoonful is a winner.

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Easy Apple Strawberry Crisp


This Apple and Strawberry Crisp recipe is the best – not only does it serve up a delicious dessert of cinnamon apples and sweet strawberries tucked under a thick and extra-crunchy oat topping, but it also is the easiest, most foolproof dessert recipe around.

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Sweet Citrus Spiced Salmon



If you’re a fan of this omega-3 rich fish but prefer when it doesn’t taste, well, too salmony, this Sweet Citrus Spiced Salmon recipe is for you. Salmon is marinated in pineapple and lemon juice and then baked with a sweet and spicy topping, leaving every bite the perfect blend of flavorful (but mellow) fish!

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Homemade Funfetti Cupcakes



Looking for cupcakes with a huge FUN factor? You’ve found them with these Vanilla Funfetti Sprinkle Cupcakes, moist and flavorful (thanks, fresh vanilla beans!) sprinkle-studded cupcakes topped with creamy and smooth vanilla frosting and finished with homemade (and addictive) white chocolate Rice Krispie crunch. Oh, and did we mention that there are sprinkles everywhere?

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Easy Grilled Cola Chicken



When the kids ask, “What’s for dinner?” you’ve now got the answer that’s guaranteed to get cheers: Coca Cola Chicken. Easy to prepare and quick to disappear, this sweet and savory BBQ chicken is a hit every time. What are you waiting for? Fire up the grill!

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We all scream for ICE CREAM!


It’s National Ice Cream Cone Day today! What could be better?!

There is no better way to celebrate than the Ultimate Ice Cream Bash?! Add some Cool Tunes, delish Chocolate Cookies in a Cone and a cherry on top and you’ve got an ice cream parlour in the comfort of your own home! Cool licks!